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Gary Kreps

University Professor, Director; Center for Health and Risk Communication

My active research program has been funded by many federal agencies, foundations, and organization. I examine the influences of strategic evidence-based communication programs and practices on reducing health risks and enhancing health outcomes, with a focus on promoting health equity in society. I am an expert on community-based participatory research, health information dissemination, and the effective design and use of health information technologies. My frequently cited publications are reported in more than 500 books, articles, and chapters. I served on the national FDA Risk Communication Advisory Committee and am a scientific adviser to the NIH, CDC, VA, HRSA, and many international health agencies, research firms, and foundations.

I've received a number of major research honors, including the Research Laureate Award from the American Academy of Health Behavior, the Outstanding Health Communication Scholar Award from both the International Communication Association and the National Communication Association (NCA), the Dale Brashers Mentorship Award from the NCA, the Gary Gumpert Urban Communication Research Award from the Urban Communication Foundation, the Health Communication Centennial Scholar Award from the Eastern Communication Association, the Pfizer Professorship in Clear Health Communication, the Lewis Donahue Outstanding Health Communication Scholar Award from the University of Kentucky, the Future of Health Technology Award, the Distinguished Achievement Award in Consumer Health Informatics and Online Health, and the Gerald M. Phillips Distinguished Applied Communication Scholar Award from the NCA. I am a Fellow of the International Communication Association and the American Academy for Health Behavior. I have also been selected as a Distinguished Scholar of the National Communication Association.

Gary Kreps

Public health, behavioural science and new media technologies.


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