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Itai Himelboim

Thomas C. Dowden Professor of Media Analytics

Dr. Himelboim, the Thomas C. Dowden Professor of Media Analytics and director of the SEE Suite, studies the role social media plays in news, politics and international communication. Through applying network analysis, he examines political talk and information flow.

Dr. Himelboim’s research involves computer-mediated social networks and their implications for political communication, international communication and the news. He examines political discussions on online forums and the micro-blogging social media Twitter, as well as international networks, based on foreign news reporting and the flow of information technologies. The role of news media, traditional and online, in political communication is examined via their websites and their presence in social media spaces.

Itai Himelboim

Public health, behavioural science and new media technologies.



Virtual Zika transmission after the first US case: Who said what and how it spread on Twitter


American Journal of Infection Control

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