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Studying the
transmission and impacts of online 
misinformation and conflicting information


What is CHIRP?

The Cognitive & Health Infodemics Research Programme (CHIRP) is a group of researchers at Northumbria University who investigate problems related to the overabundance of health-related information and misinformation online. We seek to advance the state of science around infodemics using mixed-methodologies, data science and multi-disciplinary frameworks, and bring evidence to the people using public engagement strategies. CHIRP is based in Northumbria University and is embedded within the Human and Digital Design Multidisciplinary Research Theme. CHIRP's collaborators and partners are spread across the US, UK, South America, sub-Saharan Africa and the ASEAN region.


Research Areas

Information Problems

Misinformation, conflicting information, fake news, conspiracy theories and other information-related issues

Research Funders & Partners

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